Targeted Training

The last 12 months has certainly shown us how vulnerable workplaces can be to shifting circumstances –

especially when they are sudden, dramatic and beyond our control.


While there are many lessons that businesses can learn from the experience, one of the key takeaways is  how important it is to have a responsive workplace.  Having solid, transparent approaches to nuts and bolts aspects – such as communication and teamwork – is vital for keeping businesses running optimally. The old saying is that the prevention is better than the cure, and this is where targeted training comes in.


With an entrenched understanding of organisational psychology, workplace culture, and criteria for high-functioning workplaces, Bronwyn brings a unique set of skills to every workplace she engages with. From Mum and Pop businesses to Fortune 500 companies, Bron is able to create quality, targeted training opportunities for employees at all levels of their career progression, in addition to upper-level management and CEOs.


Bronwyn’s approach means there are no one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter training packages, like some of what is offered by other training companies and consultants. While that type of training has a place in many organisations, Bron’s approach offers something unique, bespoke and different.


Here are some examples of areas a custom training package may address:

  • A ‘soft audit’ or assessment of training needs, skills and/or gaps
  • Targeting recruitment requirements, based on predicted growth, current competencies and culture
  • Strategy, growth and development
  • Determining and creating safe work environments
  • Identifying and dealing with WHS concerns, including bullying
  • Building soft skills, including resiliency, emotional workplace wellness and having ‘difficult’ conversations