Executive Coaching

In examining the success of many thriving organisations and companies, Bronwyn firmly believes that the culture comes from the top. The higher up in an organisation an individual goes, the more their identity needs to align with the vision, goals, and ethos of their business and organisation. At this level, it is not enough to just bring you’re A-game. Senior managers, CEOs and executives need to be acutely aware of how their personal brand aligns with the strategic goals of a particular organisation they are leading in some capacity. This is where an executive can benefit from targeted coaching.


Bronwyn uses her unique combination of organisational psychology, and corporate and personal development expertise to create a bespoke coaching experience for each of her clients. Bron’s goals are always focussed on a growth mindset, and help executives hone their emotional intelligence so they can become better leaders – both in their lives, and in the organisations they lead.

Her work with clients over the years has


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